Day 00 : Read Essential Course Information

2. Award of Badges

Total 06 badges shall be awarded to each student when he/she satisfy following criteria:

Details of Award of Badges
IW - AP01 - Participant
Participant: When "Day 00 : Read Essential Course Information" is successfully completed
IW - AP01 - Explorer
Explorer:  When all activities on Day 01 - 07 are successfully completed
IW - AP01 - Student
Student: When student successfully completes the activity "Day 08-09: Post Your Comments on Glossary"
IW - AP01 - Learner
Learner: When student successfully completes the activity "Day 10-13: Post Your Answers to SAQs"
IW - AP01 - Achiever
Achiever: When student successfully completes the activity "Day 14: End Examination"
IW - AP01 - Completer
Completer: When student successfully completes all activities during Week 01 - 02