ILA-Book 02 - Interactive Learning Activities

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Course: PSY08 - Psychology - Memory
Book: ILA-Book 02 - Interactive Learning Activities
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Date: Thursday, 4 June 2020, 8:40 PM

1. Watch a Video

In this TED Talk called A Mouse. A Laser Beam. A Manipulated Memory, Steve Ramirez and Xu Liu from MIT talk about using laser beams to manipulate fear memory in rats. Find out why their work caused a media frenzy once it was published in Science.


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2. Watch a Video

For a closer look at how memory works, view this video on quirks of memory, and read more in this article about patient HM.


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3. Explore Answers

  1. There are multiple slides in this activity.
  2. Each slide require you to answer a specific question(s).
  3. After you answer all questions on each slide, click on next slide on the ribbon on bottom.
  4. After you answer all questions on all 5 slides, click on summary slide for the result.
  5. You may explore "Show Solutions" on this Summary slide.


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4. Interactive Glossary

  1. List of key terms introduced in this book follows.
  2. Recall the meaning of each key term.
  3. If you can not recall correct meaning, just click on the key term to display its correct meaning.


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